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Welcome to the Coastal Paradise: Advantages of Living on the Beach of San Juan in Alicante

Welcome to a dream corner on the Mediterranean coast: Playa de San Juan in Alicante. If you are searching for a home that combines natural beauty, modern conveniences, and a relaxed lifestyle, this picturesque area is the perfect choice for you. From housealicante we want to take you on a virtual tour through the advantages and reasons why living in Playa de San Juan is an increasingly desirable choice.

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6 Reasons why my home is not sold in Alicante

Selling a home in Alicante may seem like a simple process at first glance, however, there are various reasons why some owners face difficulties in finalizing the sale of their properties. In this article, we will explore some of the most frequent reasons and how to address these challenges to succeed in the Alicante real estate market.   1...

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How do I reserve and buy a house in Alicante?

How do I reserve and buy a house in Alicante? Well, you have already found the house you like, now you are going to take 2 important steps, first reserve it and then buy it.   1.- Reserve. To ensure the option to purchase your home, it is necessary to sign a reservation contract or down payment with the seller. Before signing it, it is advisable to check: * The status of charges (debts) on ...

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CEE Energy Efficiency Certification for a property

The Energy Efficiency Certification is mandatory since 2003. It is mandatory to put a home for sale or for rent. Because it is valid for 10 years, your expedition will be valid for the time of sale or rental, without the need to renew it. From Housealicante we inform all the owners of the obligation to have this Cerfificado in every house for sale or rent. Any questions? ask us, housealicante

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