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Buyer's trend keeps on going in 2017

The trend keeps on 

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Property sales in 2016

Property sales figures for the year 2016. The statistics show an increase of 13.5% in 2016 with a price per square meter of 1.309€, what is a variation from year to year of 2.4%. According to the puclic notaries there has been a slight increase in the number of sales and in the average price. The number of property sales w...

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How to put your property in the market

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The Brexit referendum, what to expect in the Spanish real estate sector after June 2016?

Spanish Property Market in 2016. During last year, 2015, the British citizens were the foreign ones who bought most in Spain with a 21%. If after the Brexit the U.K. stays in the E.U. this percentage may not vary a lot, but in the case of an exit from the E.U. the effects on the amount of purchases in Spain will depend on the future exchange rate of the Sterling &nd...

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